BHPH Dealers Like AutoSmart Approve Car Loans for Everyone

It’s no secret that it is difficult to find a lender who will approve a bad credit car loan! Traditional dealerships are required to seek loan approval through a third-party affiliate such as a bank or credit union. After the third-party lender runs a credit report and realizes the lender has a low credit score, they are unable to commit to the risk of allowing the credit-challenged borrower to finance with them. This process can make car shopping at a traditional dealership discouraging and frustrating for many.  

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships provide a solution for credit-challenged borrowers. This type of dealership believes that everyone should have the opportunity to finance a car, no matter their past. Whether it was the aftermath of a bad divorce, expensive medical bills, or simply just getting behind on bills, most customers are facing credit challenges for a wide variety of reasons. But don’t worry, regardless of the unfortunate situation that led you to a lower credit score, nobody deserves to financially suffer forever. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships care more about helping customers build a financial future.

Unlike traditional dealerships, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships offer bad credit car loans to all car shoppers because they utilize in-house financing. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are both the bank and the car dealer in one place. The in-house financing team is quick and efficient at helping consumers get approved for an auto loan. They are known for approving borrowers in under an hour, and the best perk is that they offer same-day service. A Buy Here Pay Here dealership can get you approved for an auto loan, and help you find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget within a few hours.

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships provide a place for car shoppers with poor credit history the option to invest in a preowned vehicle. But did you know that when consumers finance at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership it actually improves their credit score? Every one-time payment that is made on time and reported to the credit bureaus helps increase a borrower’s credit rating. If your credit score has suffered due to past circumstances, car shopping at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership may be your best option. With a wide range of pre-owned makes and models, most Buy Here Pay Here lots are stacked with inventory from trusted and reliable brands such as Toyota or Honda. Don’t let the fear of being denied a bad credit car loan stop you from checking out a trusted Buy Here Pay Here dealership today!

At AutoSmart, we take your experience into consideration and understand how truly difficult it can be to find a trusted lender as a credit-challenged car shopper. We are committed to helping our valued customers find the perfect car, no matter their credit score. Our in-house financing team allows us to approve all of our customers quickly and with ease. Getting behind the wheel of a reliable pre-owned vehicle has never been so simple. We are happy to provide you with an opportunity to Own Your Journey. Give AutoSmart a call today!