Everything You Need To Know About Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, like AutoSmart, are a one-stop-shop for credit-challenged car buyers. In the past, BHPH has gotten an undeservedly bad reputation, but we offer services that can solve more than one of life’s problems for our customers. From credit repair to fast service and upgrading your ride, a BHPH ensures everyone has a safe and reliable vehicle to drive. Let’s dive into 5 important things you should know about Buy Here Pay Here dealerships.

  1. BHPH Is For Everyone

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships provide car-buying options to customers that traditional dealerships do not. When a consumer has no credit or low credit, they should still have an opportunity to purchase a car. 

  1. BHPH is a One-Stop-Shop

With a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, there is no middle man or extra hoops to jump through. BHPH is the bank and the dealership in one building. BHPH dealers can process loans immediately, so say goodbye to the days of waiting to find out from the bank if a loan request was approved or denied. BHPH allows customers to purchase the car of their choice, and set up loan payments all at the same time. The loan approval process is much quicker at a Buy Here Pay Here. Typically, consumers are approved within one hour.

  1. BHPH Helps you Improve and Build Your Credit

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships allow credit-challenged consumers a chance to repair their credit while financing a pre-owned vehicle. Typically BHPH requires buyers to pay car payments in-house based on the agreed-upon loan repayment plan. Whether that means paying in person or online, payments are expected to be made to the dealership directly because they are their own bank. On-time payments toward your car loan can improve your credit score and help you build a better credit standing!

  1. BHPH Offers Fast Service and Instant Gratification

The traditional car buying process can take many hours, and sometimes even days if you are waiting for approval on a bank loan. In fact, most people dread going to the car lot because they assume buying a new vehicle will take up the majority of their day, if not longer. The car buying process at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership only takes a fraction of the time it would at a traditional dealership. Customers can be approved for a loan amount in less than an hour, and on their way after deciding on a vehicle that fits their needs and matches their price point. 

  1. BHPH Can Upgrade Your Vehicle

Buy Here Pay Here car lots usually maintain a full inventory of pre-owned vehicles. Therefore they are more likely to buy your current car and allow you to put that money directly toward a future downpayment. Upgrading to a newer model can be one of the greatest perks a BHPH has to offer consumers. 

At AutoSmart, we want to provide you with an opportunity to “Own Your Journey.” We take great pride in finding the perfect car for all credit levels. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships can be a great option for consumers who need to upgrade their vehicles and are also looking to build or repair their credit. Financing a car at AutoSmart has its perks. We only sell reliable vehicles that are equipped with a 3-month/3,000-mile warranty, and we promise our customers FREE oil changes for the life of their loan to offer added peace of mind. We are passionate about empowering you with the ability to take ownership of improving your life by providing the best Buy Here Pay Here car buying experience in East Texas.