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How To Get The Lowest Down Payment

At AutoSmart we want you to Own Your Journey behind the wheel of a car. To make vehicle ownership a reality we're able to partner with customers like you to offer affordable down payments even if you have bad credit. Take the first step by completing our short down payment EZ Form to find out how low your payment will be.

AutoSmart can calculate your true down payment with just a few quick questions. Fill out our short down payment EZ Form and we'll lock in the lowest down payment possible and put the decision in your hands.

Your exact down payment will depend on a number of factors, but in many cases it is possible to buy a car with bad credit for just $500 down. We can quickly estimate your true down payment with no hard credit checks and no commitment.

Filling out the short down payment EZ Form won't have any effect on your credit score and you don't need a sparkling credit report to qualify for low down payments at AutoSmart.

Why choose AutoSmart?


AutoSmart is all about improving the lives of our customers.

We're unlocking access to automobile ownership for everyone with low payments, flexible financing options, and friendly service that's all about you.

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  • Our down payment EZ Form is just a few simple questions

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  • No obligations

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AutoSmart is the best place to buy your next vehicle.

  • Tons of reliable vehicles to choose from

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