Buying Cars Online

Our primary objective at AutoSmart is to provide you with opportunities to Own Your Journey. Recent events have made online car shopping more popular than ever. From grocery shopping to tele-doctor’s appointments, so many of the things that used to be done in-person can now be accomplished online or over the phone.

So why not bring the car buying process and buy here pay here online car loans online?

AutoSmart has responded to the increased desire for online car shopping by adding convenient features to our website that allow you to browse our current inventory, apply for online car loans, and buy cars online or over the phone.

While you’re still welcome to visit our buy here pay here lot in person, our online options make car buying faster and more convenient. You can:

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“We are committed to providing our customers with convenient online resources that make automobile ownership accessible”

Browse Our Online Inventory

Sort and search by make, model, mileage, and other features to quickly see all of the cars we have that fit your criteria. You can shop for your new car anytime of the day or night.

What Is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

When a car buyer has less-than-perfect credit, securing a car loan from a traditional lender can be a challenge, but a buy here pay here dealership is different. Rather than going through a third party, we do our own lending.

While a bank or traditional car dealers makes their decision based on your payment history, we base our approvals on your ability to pay going forward.

What does that mean to you?

It means your credit score doesn’t matter. Your past late payments don’t matter. Even bankruptcies and past repossessions don’t matter! If you have a steady income and a bank account, it’s probably enough for you to be approved. AutoSmart has cars and financing options to suit every budget, and we’ll help you get the reliable car you need at a payment you can afford.

AutoSmart has a reputation for providing outstanding service and competitive prices to Longview buyers along with perks like a 3-month, 3,000-mile warranty on every car we sell. We’ve helped thousands of buyers rebuild their credit and get into the reliable pre-owned car they need—and our online services make it easier than ever for our buy here pay here dealership to do the same for you!

Get Pre – Approved Online

Are you stressed out by the thought of applying for car financing? First, let us tell you that applying for a buy here pay loan at AutoSmart is MUCH faster and easier than applying for a traditional loan. That being said, we’ve made it even more hassle-free by letting our customers get pre-approved for online car loans. You’ll already know you’re approved when you step on to the lot!