Used Sedans For Sale

Body Style
  • Coupe (1)
  • Sedan (10)
  • Sport Utility (8)
  • Van (1)
  • Chevrolet (6)
  • Chrysler (1)
  • Ford (2)
  • Honda (3)
  • Hyundai (2)
  • Toyota (6)
  • 200 (1)
  • Accord (1)
  • CR-V (1)
  • Camry (3)
  • Civic (1)
  • Corolla (1)
  • Cruze (1)
  • Cruze Limited (1)
  • Equinox (1)
  • Escape (1)
  • Fusion (1)
  • Highlander (1)
  • Malibu (1)
  • Santa Fe (1)
  • Sienna (1)
  • Tahoe (1)
  • Trax (1)
  • Longview (6)
  • Texarkana (7)
  • Tyler (3)

Used Sedans For Sale At Auto Smart

Auto Smart is a buy here pay here automotive dealership that is mostly online. While there are locations throughout East Texas, all of the inventory can be found on the website. Financing is quick and easy when it is done through Auto Smart and the values of the various vehicles are great for used cars and trucks.

To give you an idea of what to expect from car shopping with Auto Smart we are focusing on the value of four types of car that are found often on the Auto Smart website and on the lots.

Honda Accord

Honda is a well-known name in the car industry and the Accord is a mid-sized sedan that has enough space for five adults or a small family. These cars tend to stay on the road for well over 200,000 miles if they are properly maintained and cared for. There are multiple Honda Accords available online at Auto Smart or at the in-person locations at any given time.

The Accords have mileage on them but they add value with the condition, the price, and the free oil changes for the life of your Auto Smart loan. Auto Smart also offers a warranty that will give Honda Accord buyers peace of mind with their purchase.

Hyundai Elantra

Auto Smart has a large selection of Hyundai Elantras with varied mileage. The Hyundai Elantra is a mid-sized sedan that is similar to the Honda Accord. Elantras are a great commuter and small family cars that have a long road life when they receive proper maintenance. Auto Smart has a selection of Elantras with a variety of ages and trim levels adding value to the purchase.

The value is increased by the benefits offered with a purchase from any of the Auto Smart locations.

Ford Fusion

The selection of Ford Fusions at Auto Smart is not as large as the Hyundai Elantra and the Honda Accord, however, the Ford Fusion does have plenty of value for drivers. This is typically a more budget-friendly vehicle regardless of age and value. The Fusion does enjoy fuel efficiency that appeals to buyers with long commutes.

If you are interested in a Ford Fusion it is important to contact Auto Smart today because the inventory moves quickly.

Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is a great sedan with amazing gas mileage. The Hyundai Sonata inventory that comes through Auto Smart does move quickly because of the price point, fuel efficiency, and quality of the vehicle. All of these features add value. Not only that but this car does qualify for an Auto Smart warranty as well as free oil changes for the life of the loan.

All of the Auto Smart locations have a variety of vehicles for all needs and budgets. As a buy here pay here dealership, financing is easy and streamlined. All of the pricing information on each vehicle is available online when requested, however, visiting one of our East Texas locations will allow for test drives and in-person questions.

Come in today for your test drive.

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